Outsmart The Elements

The McElroy QuickCamp™ System is a lighted, insulated and climate-controlled enclosure that allows operators to fuse pipe day or night under all weather conditions. The QuickCamp System includes the QuickCamp Shelter, which houses a 630 or 900 fusion carriage inside, along with a MegaMc® PolyHorse® and MegaMc® Rollers for greater productivity.

The QuickCamp Shelter ships as a standard 20' ISO cargo container that easily expands to 24' x 21'. Once set up, the QuickCamp Shelter provides a comfortable working environment and has ample space for a break room, office space or storage. Working inside, machine operators are protected from outside elements as pipe is fed from the MegaMc PolyHorse via remote through the QuickCamp Shelter. Patent-pending pipe enclosures keep the elements out, protecting fusion joint integrity and keeping your operators working in comfort.

Weather-Tight Seal

Fast and

Quick-Deploying Shelter Gets You Back to Work Sooner

The QuickCamp comes as a standard 20' ISO shipping container. When it's time to deploy it, two people can quickly fold out the shelter walls, floor and ceiling and be ready to work in no time. A 630 or 900 fusion machine carriage is included in the package and ships already in place, inside the QuickCamp. Leveling jacks help to make easy work out of setting the unit in the correct position. And window air-conditioning units quickly slide into place.

Tight Seal

Keeps the Elements Out

The QuickCamp provides continuous pipe fusion in conditions that may otherwise shut down a jobsite. It's made for 24/7 operations so your crew can keep working. The QuickCamp's unique pipe seals keep the elements out to maintain fusion joint integrity and make a more comfortable working environment inside the shelter. The pipe is fed via remote control from the MegaMc® PolyHorse® through the pipe seals into the QuickCamp and require little operator interaction.

Weather-Tight Seal
Comfortable Working Environment

Comfortable Environment

Keep Working No Matter The Conditions Outside

The QuickCamp is well lit, both inside and out. Its 2.5" thick, R15-rated insulated walls help to regulate the inside temperature while two heating and air units allow operators to create a comfortable work environment. Multiple electrical outlets can be found inside for powering any personal equipment. And there is plenty of room inside for office space, a break room or storage.

Only One Operator Required

Productivity-Enhancing Accessories Save Time & Money

While the QuickCamp works to keep the elements out — saving downtime on the jobsite — it also provides the tools to allow operators to work more efficiently. Thanks to the included MegaMc® PolyHorse®, technicians can work an entire shift independently. The hydraulically-powered racks hold a day's worth of pipe and allow one operator to load, align and fuse pipe via remote control from inside the QuickCamp shelter — eliminating the wait for heavy equipment to load pipe for each fusion joint.

Power the Pipe
5-Year Warranty

Industry-Leading Warranty

Guaranteed Performance

McElroy equipment is built to withstand the tough environments our industry encounters. We're confident that your machine will perform to the best of its capabilities. We've even given each piece of equipment a 5-year warranty — the longest available in the industry.

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Additional Features

  QuickCamp 630 QuickCamp 900
Shelter folds into standard ISO, 20' cargo container for shipping
Folded shelter contains fusion machine carriage
Carriage slides out of shelter for in-ditch use or fusing stub ends and fittings
Ample space for an office, breakroom or storage of extra gear
Electrical outlets to power personal equipment
Hydraulic Power Unit powers fusion carriage with customer-furnished generator
One-size-fits-all pipe seals
Included heating and air-conditioning units fit into fold-out shelves



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