Take the heavy lifting out of large diameter fusion

The QuikFit® carriage available on the Acrobat 355mm to 630mm machines brings an innovative solution to the challenges of fusing large-diameter polypropylene pipe in close-quarter working environments. With a modular, lightweight jaw design, operators can now fuse pipe in places that were nearly impossible with heavy, bulkier fusion equipment. By simplifying this process, the Acrobat with QuikFit carriage opens a new door for the plumbing, mechanical and HVAC industry.


Assembles around the pipe

Assembles around
the pipe

The QuikFit's modular carriage breaks down in components so that the upper and lower jaws can easily be assembled around the pipe by hand to construct a full-featured fusion carriage. This reduces weight and size and eliminates the difficulty of lifting and situating an entire carriage into a tight space, especially overhead.

Lightweight components

A proprietary jaw design process was incorporated to create individual machine pieces that are incredibly lightweight, making pipe installations more safe and efficient. One or two people can assemble the carriage and begin fusing quickly without the need for extra lifting equipment and manpower. The jaws conveniently fit single pipe sizes to eliminate the need for inserts which also keeps the machine lightweight.

Lightweight components
Interchangable common pieces

Interchangeable common pieces

The core components of the Acrobat can be used on any of the three QuikFit carriage size configurations. The hydraulic cylinders, facer drive unit, HPU (hydraulic power unit), carriage skid and heater/facer cart are all common to each machine size and included in the Core Package. The Size Packages include the jaws for 355mm/400mm, 450mm/500mm or 560mm/630mm pipe, along with the corresponding heater and facer blade holders.

Prefab Pipe from 250 - 630mm

with the QuikFit® Insert Package

For high-volume prefabrication work in the shop, look to the Acrobat™ QuikFit Insert Package. Providing the ability to fuse down to 250mm pipe, the package includes the Acrobat 630 jaws, a full set of inserts a full set of inserts from 250mm to 500mm, along with heaters and facer blade holders to span the entire pipe diameter range.

NOTE: An Acrobat Core package is required.

Part Number A24P0913843

Acrobat Insert Package
5-Year Warranty

Industry-Leading Warranty

Guaranteed Performance

McElroy equipment is built to withstand the tough environments our industry encounters. We're confident that your machine will perform to the best of its capabilities. We've even given each piece of equipment a 5-year warranty — the longest available in the industry.

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Additional Features

  Acrobat 160 Acrobat 250 Acrobat 315 Acrobat 355/400 Acrobat 450/500 Acrobat 560-630
Small footprint, lightweight
Toolless conversion from 4-jaw to 3-jaw carriage for tight work spaces
Narrow jaws allow fusions for flanges to outlet branch of tees and most fittings
Hard anodized aluminum wear surfaces for corrosion resistance
Single insert design
Removable upper jaws
Ergonomic heater handlebar design
Lightweight heater and guide rod latching system eliminates the need to hold the heater in place during overhead fusions
Low-power consumption
Open-frame HPU design offers easy access for maintenance
Low- or high-force cylinders available for versatility
Compatible with Acrobat and DynaMc® HPUs to meet maximum system pressure desired
Facer with inline motor and gear reduction for lightweight, compact assembly; squeeze trigger makes locking and unlocking from the carriage easier
Modular, lightweight carriage and facer assemble around the pipe for optimal close-quarter fusion
Jaws fit specified pipe size only - no inserts necessary
Core Package can be used with any Acrobat 355-630 Size Package
Facer blade orientation allows shavings to fall inside or outside of the pipe
Stackable shipping container designed to store all machine components
Advanced power management of the HPU allows both the heater and facer to run off a single input source
DataLogger® compatible



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