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For over 40 years, McElroy University has been the standard for instruction in the proper operation and maintenance of pipe fusion equipment.

Education Designed To Perform

McElroy University courses are built to ensure operators, technicians, inspectors, and engineers are prepared for the work ahead. Every class is designed to introduce concepts and simulate experiences that students will encounter on a pipe fusion jobsite.




Self-paced, online courses allow students to learn on their own time through interactive and engaging content covering a full range of topics. Whether it's a stand-alone online class or part of a hybrid training, the online courses provide a great training experience and serve as a resource that students can refer back to at a later time.


In-person training courses allow students to gain practical experience on McElroy fusion equipment. Whether it's operations training or maintenance training, the in-person training will help the student learn, understand, and develop the tactile skills necessary for success in the field.

Online + In-Person Training

Many courses offer online prerequisites that students complete prior to the in-person training and testing. This helps maximize in-person training effectiveness, allows students to begin their training right away, and can save students both time and money.

Interactive & Hands-On Instruction

To introduce concepts and help familiarize students with machine operations, McElroy University online courses feature easy-to-follow, experiential modules. In-person classes feature time dedicated to hands-on training using fusion equipment common to the field to ensure students are comfortable and competent.

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Comprehensive Training

Whether online or in-person, McElroy University courses are designed and administered by McElroy-certified instructors in Tulsa and throughout the world. For operator qualification training, upon successful completion of both a written and hands-on test, students receive an industry-recognized qualification credential that is good for two years.

McElroy University continuing education courses may meet requirements for both Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and Professional Development Hours (PDHs) to maintain existing professional qualifications.

McElroy University courses, taught by a McElroy Certified Instructor, are the benchmark for getting the most comprehensive training in the industry. Every McElroy University course offering is designed to address the situations, equipment, and operations found on the jobsite. In addition to instruction at the McElroy University campus in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a McElroy Certified Instructor can offer the same training in a convenient setting at your location or nearby.

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Experience Where It Matters

Since 1954, McElroy has been the leader in the innovation of thermoplastic pipe fusion. For over 40 years, McElroy University has been the gold standard in training for operators and technicians throughout the world. Available courses are meant to enhance the operator's efficiency, productivity and safety in the proper use of McElroy machines. All courses are taught and designed by Certified McElroy Instructors so that the skills learned, and the machines used in each class closely match the situations, equipment and operations found on the jobsite.

Value of Training

McElroy University students stand out from the competition by having an understanding of common industry standards, proper machine procedures, and a level of competency for the upcoming jobs. Most courses have both, theory instruction along with hands-on training. Students that successfully pass operations, maintenance, or inspector courses receive industry-recognized, manufacturer-backed training credentials that are readily accepted throughout the world.

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Custom Training

McElroy University can also deliver customized training sessions whenever our standard offerings don't meet your specific needs. This private training can take place at our Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma — where other in-person and virtual training is conducted, at your location, or even on the jobsite, and is available in multiple languages. Contact us today to arrange your custom training.

Custom Training

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