2" IPS - 8" DIPS pipe (63mm - 250mm)

The PolyPorter® was created from the mind of a pipeline contractor. It is an innovative workhorse that tackles the job of handling pipe in the field. The PolyPorter combines the mechanical advantage of a dolly with the functionality of a pipe stand to create one of the most useful pipeline tools.

One person can easily load a length of pipe without strain. The pipe can then be pushed easily through the roller-equipped hook arm into the fusion machine. The jack enables the operator to raise and lower the PolyPorter to level the pipe in uneven terrain to the height of the machine.

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  • PolyPorter®

    Aids in lifting pipe into the fusion machine and also performs as a pipe stand.

    Description Part Number
    Pipe Stand and Dolly 864201
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California Prop 65 Info

864201 Pipe Stand and Dolly
Maximum Load 300 lbs. (136.1 Kg)
PolyPorter® 63 lbs. (28.6 Kg)
Shipping Weight 65 lbs. (29.5 Kg)
Mobility Type High-flotation inflatable tires
Mobility Transportation Rolling
Length 51.5" (1,308.1mm)
Width 31" (787.4mm)
Height 32" (812.8mm)
Height Range 20.5" - 38" (521mm - 965mm) at center of 8" DIPS pipe
Shipping Dimensions
Length 62" (1,574.8 mm)
Width 40" (1,016 mm)
Height 10" (254 mm)

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  • PolyPorter Product Manual

    PolyPorter® Product Manual

  • PolyPorter Spec Sheet

    PolyPorter® Spec Sheet

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